An attractive, over-stressed advertising executive, together with three incompetent security guards, must survive the night trapped inside a huge office block as a psychotic killer clown stalks the corridors. This low-budget, high production value UK indie comes from the same team that produced the cult favourites "Roddy Smythe Investigates..." and the spoof horror "Zombie Sh**house"

Lock In, which headlined opening night of the 2014 Horror On Sea Film Festival, is a brutal blend of visceral horror and northern comedy, with a stand-out performance by Sony-nominated broadcaster Roy Basnett. Since its world premiere in January the film has had a few tweaks, with the inclusion of previously-removed fx gore footage and the restoration of the alternative ending, which brings a further twist to the narrative.

Filmed on location in Burnley, Bolton and Accrington, the film serves up a real slice of unsettling psychedelic, drug-induced northern horror.

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